Investing is a passion of mine, started in 1974. I cannot recall any sustained period since then when I was totally out of markets. I have been experimenting with numerous strategies and tactics which I have changed often as I found more attractive approaches.

I have been an avid reader of books, magazines and newsletters on all aspects of investing. Today, August 1, 2010, I am quite an experienced investor. Am I a better investor than what I started with? Yes, for through it all I have taken my lumps and have had notable successes too. But hindsight is always 20/20 in investing. It is also dangerously tempting, not very useful and may even mislead.  So, we best look forward and focus on the future.  I shouldn’t take your time just talking about my past successes.  I will let the usefulness of what I have to say about investing come out through my comments on markets.

I have had challenges making for many ups and downs as I kept flowing with the markets, looking for better and better approaches. Plain and simple, I want to share my experiences, thoughts, reflections and comments on the markets and investing, through this blog on an ongoing basis. I will enter posts as and when I have the urge or feel the necessity, sometimes in view of what the markets are doing, sometimes prompted by my own mental stream and at times being admonished by my readers and fellow investors.

Of course, the caveats apply, such as, that an investor is responsible for all decisions one makes and nothing in this blog should be construed as personal recommendation, that one needs to consult a financial advisor when appropriate and past results won’t reflect future performance.  My own investments may include issues discussed here from time to time.

The blog is my attempt to share my ideas, thoughts and strategies on investing opportunities as they develop over time.  It will be basically a vehicle of expression for me. I am confident it will be useful to fellow investors with whom I will be happy to interact through the process of expressing and exchanging ideas about investing and, more generally, about life. In investing we try to put odds in our favor. There is always risk and a measure of luck is also needed as it is in many walks of life. So, best of luck and, more importantly, best of efforts with your investing!


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