Singleton Funds

There are investors who are interested to invest just in one fund in order to create a solid, diversified, stable and balanced portfolio that we advocate at this website. Well, there are two such investments available. One is an old no-load mutual fund called Permanent Portfolio (Symbol: PRPFX). The other is a new ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) started just this month, called Global X Permanent ETF (Symbol: PERM). Both are excellent vehicles. If you are investing every month or quarter the same amount of dollars, you can choose any of these two funds for that purpose. This way of investing is called DCA which stands for dollar cost averaging. Or, you can choose to buy PRPFX or PERM in lump sums. Or, you can buy, say, 25% of your investment now and invest the rest on a monthly or quarterly basis. Another form of averaging would be to invest when price has come down by three to five percent from a recent high. These funds are quite stable and do not come down much. For example, even in the free fall of 2008 when everything came down including stocks which suffered loss of about 45%, PRPFX was down only about 8%. So, use discretion, as always.


About Ramesh

Ramesh started investing in 1974. He has explored widely and deeply in the world of investing through avid reading and actual practicing all manners of strategies. Investing can be a fascinating journey by itself pointing to diverse challenges and points of learning about life and world. I would like to share my ideas and practices with all investors who seek not just monetary success but learning experience through the art and business of personal investing. Achieving financial health and freedom is an important goal in life. I would add, however, that having a spiritual dimension in life is equally, if not more, important.
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